Catalyst Stocks-Daily Stock Picks For Day Traders and Short Term Investors!

Catalyst Stocks is a stock picking service for short term investors and day traders. Catalyst Stocks service picks stocks about to make an explosive move in the market. Recent stock market crashes has made many stocks affordable to trade. But the hardest part is to decide what stock to buy. The Catalyst Stocks team has years of trading and investing experience. They have put together a proprietary stock picking system that uses both fundamental as well as technical analysis to pick stock that have a high probability of going up during the market hours each day.

The catalyst that drives the stock price up during the day can be positive news about the company. So any good news about the company can drive the stock price of that company to go up during the day. Example of a positive news can be a new drug announced by a pharmaceutical company. But markets are always unpredictable. Even with a positive news about a company, the stock price can plummet. So it’s not that simple. Here comes the proprietary stock picking system developed by the Catalyst Stocks team that filters out only those stocks that have a high probability of going up on some positive news.

When you will login to the members area, you will be able to view the stock picks for the day before the market open. During the day, the stock picks will be updated with intraday alerts. Primarily the stocks will be listed on NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX and most of the stocks picked will be small cap and mid cap stocks. These will be those stocks that are expected to make a move in a single market day. You will buy the stock at the market open and sell when the market closes or when the stop loss is hit during the day. When you become the premium Catalyst Stocks members, you will understand their system.

Suppose, the average gain made by the Catalyst stocks recommendations is 15% daily. You invest $200 each on 5 stocks recommended in the members area. Your total investment is $1000. At the end of the day, you will have have $1150 in your account. Next day again make 15% gain and you will have $1322.5. By the end of the third day your investment will grow to $1520. So making a daily gain of 15% on average can grow your account in an explosive manner. The idea of diversifying the investment into 5-10 stocks is good. Of course this will increase the trading costs plus there can be days when the gain is very low or even negative.

What you need is to find the long term performance of this service. The best method is to paper trade these Catalyst stocks for a period of one month. Making a trading journal and enter each trade that you paper trade into that journal. At the end of the month calculate the overall performance of the Catalyst Stocks and the net profit after deducting the trading costs like the commissions. If you make a decent gain like 50-100% in one month, think about trading these stock picks live otherwise get a refund. You are protected with a 60 days money back guarantee period so you can paper trade Catalyst Stocks for two months!