KillingStocks Stock Trading Robot Makes 200% Gain In 1 Day!

Watch this KillingStocks Stock Trading Robot video that shows an account balance of $5994.06 on E*Trade. Then KillingStocks guy invests $2,000 in a little known communications stock TLLE and buys 15,384 shares of that stocks with a limit order $0.38 in place. When you trade penny stocks never forget to place the limit order. Stock TLLE is trading at $0.13 per share so buying 15,348 shares will cost approximately $2,000. Within 24 hours TLLE price sky rockets to $0.43 per share. The KillingStocks guy places a limit sell order at $0.48 per share and sells that stock. The sell order is executed at $0.43 per share and he makes $6082 profit.

If you want, you can subscribe to the KillingStocks guy stock recommendations. Every evening check you email and review the half page of stock recommendations that guy is going to email you. So the next morning when you wake up you can place the orders online with your broker. Now check back regularly if you have doubled or tripled your investment. Now, you might be wondering how to check the veracity of this claim being made by the Killing Stocks guy.

You can subscribe to the KillingStocks guy stocks recommendations and paper trade them for a period of two months. You have got 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. So at the end of two months, you will have a very accurate analysis of this Killing Stocks Stock Trading Robot guy stock recommendations. What you can do is make a trading journal and enter the stock picks that he sends you and paper trade them. At the end of the two months, calculate the average gain made by this KillingStocks guy picks. You should also check how many trades were a winner and how many were losers. After doing a thorough analysis, make your decision. If you don’t get satisfactory results paper trading with the stock picks, go for a refund. In case, you get good results paper trading¬†KillingStocks Stock Trading Robot picks, you can think of risking some real money!