Billionaire Investing Secrets-A 52 Minute Interview With Warren Buffet

Ever heard about Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway? Warren Buffet is the Chairman, President and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. A few weeks back Berkshire Hathaway share price crossed $200,000 per share. Buying one Berkshire Hathaway share is like buying a home in US. Warren Buffet is the famous stock investor who has been ranked as richest man in the world at one time. Warren Buffet is the ultimate American success story. He started investing in stocks in early 1950s. Over the years he has consistently beaten the market and survived many market crashes and market bubbles. First watch the 50 minute documentary on Warren Buffet below.

Warren Buffet started investing at the age of 11. At the age of 19, he read the book by Benjamin Graham-The Intelligent Investor and throughout his career he has been following the blueprint given in the Intelligent Investor. Benjamin Graham was the first investor who tried to analyze the stocks and try to determine their intrinsic value. Based on that intrinsic value he called a stock overvalued or undervalued.  What is the secret of his success as a stock investor? You should watch this 52 minute interview with Warren Buffet in which he reveals his billionaire investing secrets!