An Interview With Dan Zanger World Record Holding Stock Trader Who Turned $10K into $42 Million In 2 Year!

Dan Zanger is the world record holder stock trader who turned $10K into $42 million in 2 years making a gain of 29,000% in just 24 months. Dan Zanger is a technical stock trader who loves to trade the triangle breakout patterns. Basically he is a momentum trader. Dan Zanger success story gets reported in Traders World Magazine!

Dan Zanger

Now you should keep this in mind success did not come to him overnight. He started trading stocks in the late 1970s. For over 2 decades he practiced and tested his triangle breakout strategy. Most of the time losing what he had made. Success came to him in early 2000s.

This was an interview that was taken in 2005. You can watch his latest interview taken in 2016 below! In the interview below you will learn how unsuccessful Dan Zanger was as a stock trader in the beginning. He had to sell his car just to cover the margin call from the broker at one point of time in his stock trading career. Then his stock trading got highly successful and he made millions and became an illustrious stock trader.

Now you should listen the above carefully, Dan Zanger had to sell his car in 1997 just to cover a margin call from the broker. So you should understand that there is always a lot of hardwork before success. There is no instant success story in life. Only those who are persistent and determined make it in the end. Dan Zanger is a great success story. The important thing is to keep what you make. Jesse Livermore the great stock trader lost most of the money that he made in the stock market. This brings home the importance of never becoming greedy. Take risk management very seriously. This is the most important lesson that will propel your stock trading career to a higher level. These 21 trading rules by the legendary stock trader Jess Livermore still hold true today. This is another interview of Dan Zanger!