The Profit Lock A Flexible And Safe Investment Strategy That Makes 15-25% Return per Year!

The Profit Lock is a system that can keep your investments safe so that you can stick with your retirement plans and keep going for your goals. The Profit Lock is ideal for you if you are a mutual fund investor following a buy and hold investing strategy. You can also use The Profit Lock strategy if you are a stock investor who owns stocks. Did you get burned in the stock market crash of 2008? Are you investing in just CDs now? If your stock portfolio was plummeted in 2008 and you are still feeling the pain, The Profit Lock System might be something you should check out.

The Profit Lock Results

According to John the person who has developed the Profit Lock System, if you had invested in Microsoft stocks in 2008, you would have suffered 46% loss but if you had used the Profit Lock System, you could have made a sure profit of 12%. Amazon stocks went down dreadfully 40% in 2008, but with the Profit Lock Strategy, you could have made a safe 12%. This is the performance of the Profit Lock System in 2011. The Profit Lock Strategy made a return of 17% in the year 2011.the profit lock

The Profit Lock System developer John used to work for a tech company in the Silicon Valley. It was way back in 1999. Everyday the stock prices were going up. Remember the tech bubble. John was happy buying Cisco, Oracle and other tech stocks. His options account was getting bigger and bigger and he couldn’t stop himself from buying more tech stocks. It didn’t occur to him that the bubble could burst anytime. But the bubble continued for two more years and when it got burst in 2001, John was crushed. He was on the sidelines for a few years looking at a number of different investing strategies that included forex.

But then in 2007, he decided to dig more into options and learn options trading in depth. He again made some money and was in the process of recovering the losses that he suffered in the tech bubble when in 2008, he got crushed again. This time, he decided that he did not need a strategy that made him 100% return per month. What he needed was a safe investment strategy that could lock in the profits no matter which way the market went.

After studying options for one whole year, he discovered a commonly used options trading strategy often used by the pros to lock in the profit no matter whether market went up or down.  He refined this options trading strategy and called it The Profit Lock. He backtested it and started trading live with the Profit Lock Strategy. When he shared The Profit Lock Strategy with the pro options traders, they looked at it and said it is fine but it will only make 15-25% return per year. That’s all it will make. Of course if the market takes off, it will make more than this 15-25% return. John further refined the Profit Lock Strategy and it worked everytime. He was happy making a safe 15-25% return per year that didn’t depend on the market direction. You need to watch this short The Profit Lock video made by John.

Testing The Profit Lock

Making a safe return of 15-25% per year sounds good. But you will have to test it yourself to see if it works for you or not. John is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test the Profit Lock Strategy. Just paper trade with the Profit Lock System for one month and you will get an idea of how good this strategy is. If you don’t like The Profit Lock System, you can simply ask for a refund.