The PennyStock Egghead Nathan Gold!

The Pennystock Egghead Nathan Gold thinks that he can help you become rich. The Pennystock Egghead Nathan Gold thinks that you can create a fortune by making only one smart trade per week. Sounds good because just making one penny stock trade per week can help you avoid one of the greatest curses of trading: Over trading. Yes, making too many trades day in and day out can be tiring and disappointing as well as frustrating if you lose. Good traders never over trade. You also need to learn how to avoid overtrading.

Just one penny stock trade per week that is well researched and executed well can give you a nice gain. If you aim for a gain like 20% and more per trade, soon you will see your equity growing in the account. Now, the Penny stock Egghead Nathan Gold can help you unearth those stocks that can move massively in the market in the next few days to the next few weeks. Ofcourse, Nathan Gold is just his pen name but he is a certified maths geek. Maths is where his winning edge lies. Maths helps him unearth those stocks that are about to make a breakout in the market.

Testing The Pennystock Egghead Nathan Gold Stock Recommendations

Nathan Gold gives a series of stock recommendations that he had actually sent to his Pennystock Egghead newsletter subscribers that could have turned $1K into $5,736,354 in five easy steps. Step 1 involved investing $1,000 in AXTG that gave a gain of $362.67 two weeks later. That would have turned your $1000 into $4,625. Your next investment would have been $2,625 on a stock IOGH that made a gain of 1,150% in the next 3 months. This would have turned that $2,625 into $32,812. And eventually Nathan Gold Egghead would have helped you make $5.7 million.

You can try the Penny Stock Egghead Nathan Gold stock recommendations for a small one time payment of $97 that comes with a no questions asked 60 days money back guarantee. So, just paper trade his stock recommendations for a period of two months and see how much gain you make during those two months starting with a paper investment of $1,000. Make a trading journal that analyzes each stock recommendation in detail. What was expected at the beginning and how did it perform in reality. After two months, audit the detailed performance and if you don’t feel happy with the stock recommendations of the Pennystock Egghead Nathan Gold, simply get a refund.