The Penny Stocks Formula By Chris Palmer!

Discover the Penny Stocks Formula used by Chris Palmer to make 225% return per trade over and over again. Now, if you had just invested $1,000 on this Penny Stocks Formula, a gain of 225% would have turned that $1000 into $2,250 in a matter of few days or few weeks. Chris Palmer is also know as the Penny Stock Renegade. Chris Palmer has at last found a trading system that let’s him make gains like 225%, 300%, even 490% all the way upto 2,266% per trade. By joining his ground breaking pennystocks formula alerts, you too can rake into these massive gains per trade. In fact, Chris has used his proprietary trading system to build a brokerage account that others can only dream of. Chris is showing a snapshot of one of his Scottrade Brokerage Account with a balance of $363, 381.89!

Testing The Penny Stocks Formula

For a low free of $97, you can get lifetime access to the Pennystocks Formula Trading Alerts by Chris Palmer. Chris is giving 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. Now, how do you know this Penny Stocks Formula is good? By paper trading it for two months. So, what you need to do is make a trading journal. Enter each pennystock alert into it. Give your opinion about that alert. Research the company, make your independent judgement about the soundness of that alert. After all stock prices don’t rise riding on thin air. There are some solid fundamentals that propel these prices skyward something like a new product launch that is going to rock the market, a good quaterly earnings report, some breakthrough research being done by the company and stuff like that.

By doing your own research, you should be able to make a judgement that this stock is indeed going to rise. Always make your own judgement, don’t try to follow a stock recommendation blindly. So, paper trade each recommendation for two months. Put down your comments on how good the stock recommendation was. Discuss when to enter and when to exit the trade and how much gain to expect. After the trade discuss how much was actually made. Discuss whether it is another pump and dump scheme or not. Keep your eyes open. At the end of two months, make an audit of the two month performance. Make your judgement about the quality of these Penny Stocks Formula Alerts. If you don’t like the performance, simply get a refund on the Penny Stocks Formula!