The Penny Stock Prophet James Connelly!

James Connelly aka the Penny Stock Prophet reveals the secrets of turning $1000 into $1 million investing in penny stocks. James Connelly claims to be a stats genius. He is a dropout from the college. Why? Because he had started earning much more than his professors when he discovered the secret to picking the breakout pennystocks just days before they actually made a massive move in the market. This secret stock picking strategy made him famous as the Penny Stock Prophet.

James Connelly was a very good student. He was always interested in the stock market from an early age. In fact, his dad showed him how to read stock charts and even got him a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. James Connelly opened his first live trading account in his freshman year. The stock market puzzle always fascinated him. He wanted to learn how to predict the breakout stocks days before. Soon, this became his obsession. He started skipping the classes in the college. He was spending more time researching and trading stocks than doing his class assignments. He was earning more day trading stocks than most people make in their jobs. James was spending hours pouring over charts, analyzing chart patterns, volume, resistance and support levels and any other similarities that could help him discover what made the breakout stocks move in the market massively.

Now PSL (Psychological Support Level) plays a major role in the micro cap sector. And this is what James Connelly discovered. But PSL alone is insufficient. You need something more to help predict the breakout stocks. Eventually, after a lot of trial and error and tweaking he found four other variables that when used in conjunction with the PSL helps unearth the breakout stocks before time. James uses PSL alongwith his 4 secret variables to find those microcaps that are on the verge of making a massive move in the market in the next 24-48 hours.

The Penny Stock Prophet Turns $1000 into $1 million In 1 Month With 38 Pennystock Trades

So, what he did was he took just $1000. Then went on to turn that $1000 into $1 million in just 1 month with only 38 pennystock trades that averaged around 20% per trade. Sounds amazing? Well, he used his secret stock picking formula that depends on PSL (Psychological Support Level) of a particular stock alongwith 4 other variables that he refuses to discloses to anyone.  He fits these variables into his statistical algorithm and viola is able to find breakthrough stocks with uncanny ability.

The Penny Stock Prophet Newsletter Subscription

James Connelly is ready to let you test drive his Penny Stock Prophet newsletter subscription RISK FREE for 60 days for just $97. Now, the best way will be to paper the stock recommendations made by James Connelly for a period of two months. Make a trading journal, enter each stock paper trade in that journal. Analyze each stock recommendation made by James in detail and mention how much gain it made. At the end of two month period, audit the trading journal and see how each stock recommendation made by James performed.