Swing Trading Millionaire Nick Santiago And Gareth Saloway!

These Swing Trading Millionaire Nick Santiago and Gareth Saloway are no ordinary swing traders. Both of them are expert swing traders who also happen to be the trading coaches to a number of Wall Street clients that includes billion dollar hedge funds and floor traders. In their Swing Trading Millionaire program, they teach the students their proprietary P.P.T trading method. Now this P.P.T is no ordinary method. You can imagine the value of this P.P.T trading method by this fact that billion dollar hedge fund traders are begging both Nick and Gareth a few moments of their time so that they can catch the glimpse of how this P.P.T trading method actually works.

You might be wondering what P.P.T stands for? Well P.P.T stands for Price Pattern and Time method of trading. You might say so what? Price Pattern and Time is nothing new for swing traders. The thing that makes this Swing Trading Millionaire Method so powerful is the high level of gains it makes. For example, in 2011 S&P 500 considered to be a bench mark when it comes to measuring the stock market performance only made a measly gain of 2.11% in the whole year. While in 2011, Nick and Gareth were able to make a raw return of 345%. Impressive?

Now compare this 2011 return with the raw return of 555% that both these millionaire swing traders have been able to achieve in the 8 months of 2012. You need to keep this fact in mind that 4 months are still remaining before the close of the month. If you had followed Swing Trading Millionaire Alerts from the start of 2011 to the middle of 2012, you could have turned a $25K deposit into $246.854K. Not bad huh!

If you are interested in knowing what this Swing Trading Millionaire Service is all about, you can watch this Swing Trader Millionaire presentation in which Nick Santiago explains what this service is all about and what makes their P.P.T trading method so special. After watching this presentation, if you want you can test drive this Swing Trading Millionaire Service for 60 days. Just paper trade with both Nick and Gareth and if you don’t get a good return, you can ask for a full refund within two months of joining the Swing Trader Millionaire service.