Stocks Are Pretty Cheap Right Now According To Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman thinks that the stocks are pretty cheap right now. Who is Bill Ackman and why should you care? Bill Ackman is the  founder of $19 Billion hedge fund Pershing Square. Pershing Square Holdings, the publicly traded vehicle led by Ackman, faltered in August because of “significant volatility in the investment markets … largely driven by the decline of the Chinese stock markets, and the fear that slowing growth in China will have repercussions for businesses around the world,” he wrote in an investor update.

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But the presentation did not work as planned by him. Since Ackman’s pres­en­ta­tion, more information has come out. Bob Chapman put together a very good, five-page letter on why Herbalife is a long. Dan Loeb has done the same thing. The company’s response presentation was excellent Ackman is making this moral,” Adrangi continues. “He runs a hedge fund, right? His duty is not to the world. If you want to save the world, go donate some money to charity. I’m pretty confident that if he does not cover his short position his fund will be smaller, materially, in two years’ time.”