Stock Trading Mastery-Meet A 12 Time MoneyShow Trading Champion Fausto Pugliese!

Watch this 19 minute  Stock Trading Mastery and Support Program video FREE in which Fausto Pugliese a 12 time MoneyShow Trading Champion shows exactly how he outperforms the other trading gurus over and over again. If you have been to a trading expo, you must have come across crowds of trading gurus selling their trading systems. Just to keep the action going these trading expos, hold a head to head trading competition between the gurus. In these trading competitions at the trading expos, they start with the same account size and whoever has the most money in the account at the end is declared the MoneyShow Trading Champion.


Stock Trading Mastery And Support Program Norman Hallet is considered to be a leading authority on the internet when it comes to trading discipline training. He has been running a very successful Disciplined Trader Training And Support Program online in which he has trained thousands of traders from all over the world on how to become a more disciplined trader. What’s really unique about THIS Stock Trading Mastery and Support Program is that Norman Hallet gets to throw his weight of positive reputation behind another high-reputation individual.. Fausto Pugliese… who is a virtual unknown on the Internet, but is well known at trade shows. Just keep this fact in mind that winning the MoneyShow Trading Championship once might be like getting lucky, winning this MoneyShow Trading Championship 2-3 times can be called a coincidence but winning 12 times is no chance. Fausto Pugliese is the founder of the Cybertrading University. In this 19 minute video, Fausto Pugliese gives his 10 commandments of trading that you must obey if you want to stay out of trouble as a trader.  Fausto is well known and very well respected as a trader and training mentor and this 19 minute Stock Trading Mastery video is sure going to teach you a lot about what you should avoid as a trader.