Stock Picks By Ken Miller Up Over 99% In 8 Weeks!

The Stock Picks made by Ken Miller were up 99% in 8 weeks. Ken Miller proved his stock picking skills by taking part in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge in the Spring of 2007. The CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is a competition that draws the best stock traders from all over the world. The challenge is to make as much high return as possible. In 8 weeks during the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, Ken Miller was able to turn $1 million into $1.996 million. That is almost doubling your investment in 2 months.

Stock Picks

Now as you can see in the above screenshot, Ken Miller could not win the competition as his rank was 435 but then think about competing against thousands of traders and coming in the top 1%. Coming in the top 1% of the best stock traders is not that simple and easy. It requires a lot of skill. The hardest part in these type of competitions is to come up with high quality stocks that will increase in value. Ken Miller has perfected a computer algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence to find top quality stocks. This computer algorithm incorporates all those indicators and factors that Ken Miller research over the years proved to be important in finding the top quality stocks that will increase in value. So this is what Ken Miller has done. He has programmed his Stock Picks Strategies into that algorithm. Now this is what the computer algorithm does based on his stock picks strategies:

1. It identifies stocks showing a strong uptrend.

2. It identifies stocks on the verge of a breakout.

3. It identifies range trading stocks.

How To Find Stock Picks Poised To Explode FREE Report By Ken Miller

Read this FREE report-How To Find Stock Picks Poised To Explode written by Ken Miller and you will get an idea on how to discover profitable stock picks with huge potential. Ken Miller has made his Stock Picks Software System very easy. You can use it easily to find stocks that have the potential to make huge returns for you. When you join the Stock Picks member area, you get access to the proprietary green light stocks trading in a strong trend in addition to that you also get unlimited access to the proprietary stock analyzer software developed by Ken Miller that can analyze any stock. You will also learn trading rules that will make you a better investor plus the information that will always keep you on the right side of the trade.

Watch this video made by Ken Miller in which he explains what you will get when you join his Stock Picks System. You can try this Stock Picks System RISK FREE for 60 days. Just paper trade the stock picks for two months and at the end of two months check what was the return. If these Stock Picks don’t give a good ROI, you should go for a refund.