Slap The Market STM Newsletter For Trading Stocks, Futures and Forex!

Slap The Market STM Newsletter team claims that you only send you a alert only when there is a high probability trade alert. Trading the right stocks at the right time is what the pro traders do. STM Newsletter sends trade alerts just 3 to 4 times a month and can help you trade the right stocks, the right futures contract and the right forex pair at the right time. You will get all the information you need to place the trade. The right stock, futures contract and the right forex pair is found by the STM team using their proprietary computer software. This software has been developed by a team of professional traders and market specialists and gives the average trader the same advantages that the large banks and hedge fund managers have. STM team is claiming that you should expect to make 20%+ return per trade.

STM team is claiming that their powerful new ranking system helps them identify the best opportunity out of a list of highly probable trades. This ranking system works on a scale of 0-5 and uses a proprietary mathematical formula that uses past market performance, future market expectation and a host of other factors to filter out the best trade that is then emailed to you with all the relevant information.

Slap The Market STM Newsletter

There is a 60 days of money back guarantee. You can subscribe to this STM Newsletter and just paper trade the recommendations for two full months. Keeping in view the fact that there are only 3-4 trade alerts per month, you just need to paper trade these 3-4 trade alerts and see what was the return. If the performance is not good, simply ask for a refund. However, if the performance is good, you can again paper trade the second month’s 3-4 trade recommendations and see what was the performance. Paper trading these trade recommendations can give you a fair idea as to how good these trade alerts are.