Simpler Options Webinar Replay On What HFT Firms Don’t Want You To Know!

You must have heard a lot about high frequency trading. Well, high frequency trading is the name of the game now and as a retail trader you need to be aware of how HFT firms are going to hurt your trading. You must watch this Simpler Options Webinar Replay on what HFT firms don’t want you to know. John Carter is a master options trader and in this webinar replay he discloses how HFT firms are responsible for your losing trades. Watch this recorded webinar and learn what candlestick patterns are not working anymore. You must have be told that these candlestick patterns are important trend reversal and trend continuation patterns. But after watching this webinar recording you will never trade them. Why? Because they don’t work anymore. In the same manner, you need to change the way you place the stop loss if you want to avoid your stop loss being hit by the HFT firms again and again. You should also know the list of stocks that are highly manipulated by HFT firms. HFT firms are also expert at creating false breakouts in the market. Learn how you can avoid those false breakouts. Don’t miss watching this Simpler Options Webinar Replay!

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