Pre-Buyout Stocks Trader Charles Mizrahi Makes $787 For Every $1,000 Invested!

Watch this Pre-Buyout Stocks FREE presentation in which Charles Mizrahi, a former floor trader at the New York Futures Exchange explains how he makes $787 for every $1K he invests in prebuyout stocks. You might be wondering what are these pre buyout stocks. Pre Buyout stocks are companies that are positioned to get bought out by the private equity firms. In this Pre-Buyout Stocks FREE presentations Charles shows how he is profitable in 9 out of 10 trades and how his average return per trade is $37.50. He will also show you how he finds these stocks. Interestingly it is not difficult to find these stocks. You can find these stocks using the FREE stock scanner like they have on the Google Finance.

A Stock Trading Strategy With An Alpha of 4-5%!

Do you know what is the Alpha of your strategy? Alpha is a quantitative measure that tells how much your strategy outperforms the market. If the Alpha of your strategy is 1%, it means you are in the top 10% of the money managers. Imagine having a strategy that gives an Alpha of 4-5%.  This is what a third party research firm has reported on the Alpha of Charles Mizrahi’s pre-buyout stocks trading strategy. That third party research firm reported after analyzing Charles strategy that it had an Alpha of 4-5%.

Do you remember the lost decade of 2000-2010 when S&P 500 index gave a return of just 0%? Well even during this decade when the S&P 500 index was going nowhere, this Pre-Buyout Stocks Strategy by Charles Mizrahi gave a return of 470% without using any leverage. Now imagine if you had used leverage how much return you could have made. So you must not miss watching this FREE presentation that is 100% pure content. Learn two rules for big stock gains. These rules are simple to use. Applying these two rules just needs a stock scanner like the one they have on Google Finance.  In this FREE presentation, Charles gives you the exact criteria he uses to find these pre-buyout stocks. Charles is basically using a stock strategy that other investors have used to make a multi million fortune. After you have watched this strategy that you too can use.