Options Trade Adjustment And Management 35 Page eBook!

This Options Trade Adjustment and Management Guide has been written by a pro options trader who has been trading options for the past 5 years. He started trading options on his own and with coaching and constant training, he was able to improve the results. He is also a founding member of a hedge fund and has trained a number of other options traders. The author of this Options Trade Adjustment eBook now advises hedge funds and traders on options adjustments.

This eBook gives 25 different options trade adjustment tactics along with examples. Suppose you have a butterfly option that is not performing according to your plan. Don’t worry, the author is going to show a number of adjustments that you can perform that will make the butterfly start working.  Do you have a calendar and the underlying that has moved to such a point that you are now highly worried. Don’t worry, you will find a number of adjustments that can remove your worry.

Most traders jump into options trading with very basic training. Options trading is very dynamic. Most often the options trade goes in the opposite direction of what you had planned. Very few traders are prepared to deal with the situation when the options trade does not work as planned which it often does in most cases.

This Options Trade Adjustment and Management eBook will give you a cheat sheet of the different adjustments that are possible when trading with different options strategies like the iron condor, butterfly, ratio spreads and others. Of course these options trade adjustments depend on your positions as well as the market dynamics. You will be getting a list of different adjustments that are possible that you can always refer to when under pressure.

Now instead of spending thousands of dollars learning these simple adjustments that the author himself took many hours of coaching by the best options traders and mentors on the Wall Street and the CBOE to learn, you can get all that knowledge refined into a practical Options Trade Adjustment And Management eBook. You can download this Options Trade Adjustment & Management Guide for a small price of $35. Plus there is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you don’t feel satisfied you can always get a refund. Meanwhile watch this video recording where a trader talks about Broken Wing Butterfly Options Adjustment.


  • JR

    September 19, 2012

    Just bought your options ebook but didn’t see adjustments concerning the Broken Wing Butterfly. Specifically, my question: I bought a BWB for credit — when locking in a profit, if the buy back is a debit, is this a profit? Ex: buy credit = .50 and lock in debit = .20. Is this a .70 profit? Thanks.

    • admin

      September 27, 2012

      Please contact the author of this ebook as he would be in a much better position to answer your query.