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Watch this Online Stock Profits FREE presentation made by Patrick Adams. In this Online Stock Profits FREE presentation, Patrick Adams reveals a stock market twitter loophole that is making him $200, $400 or even $1,000 daily trading penny stocks. In the first part of this Online Stock Profits presentation, Patrick Adams talks about the ground breaking research done by computational social scientist Johan Bollen from the School of Informatics and Computing Indiana University-Bloomington. What Johan Bollen research showed was that you can predict the ups and downs in the stock market mood using Twitter. Yes, I am talking about the social media site Twitter. It is a known fact the stock markets are run by the emotions of its participants. If Twitter was a country it would be ranked in the top five in terms of population. Social networking now accounts for 22% time spent online in US. Millions of tweets take place every minute. Dr. Johan Bollen decided to use Twitter as a barometer to measure the stock market mood.

Dr. Johan Bollen was able to develop a machine learning algorithm with the help of his team that predicted the mood of the stock market even in 2008. Keep this fact in mind that 2008 is considered to be one of the most volatile years in the history of stock markets. The algorithm developed by Dr. Johan Bollen did pretty well predicting the shape of the stock market with 73.3% accuracy. But the accuracy went up to 86.7% when the emotional information from Twitter was added to it. This Twitter Stock Market Predictor Study was made in 2010. You can google Dr. Johan Bollen and read more about his ground breaking pioneering research on informatics using the social media to predict the mood of the US stock markets.

Previously it was thought that if the stock market mood fell, it will precede the mood on Twitter. But what Dr. Johan Bollen research showed that it was infact the other way around. The mood on Twitter preceded the mood on the stock market. This discovery opened a way to use the social media in order to beat the stock market. Soon Dr. Johan Bollen teamed up with Derwent Capital a hedge fund to develop an algorithm that could be used to beat the stock market. Watch this Online Stock Profits FREE presentations where Patrick Adams talks more about this venture that took place last year and what were the results.

Patrick Adams got inspired by the research done by Dr. Johan Bollen and developed his own Twitter Penny Stock Predictor algorithm that he is using to predict specific patterns being formed on different penny stocks using Twitter. If you are using Twitter, you will find thousands of tweets regarding penny stocks being made every minute. What Patrick Adams does is analyze these penny stock tweets using his own Twitter Stock Predictor algorithm and then make recommendations based on specific patterns that he is searching for in a stock. Picture yourself sitting infront of your computer one Monday morning when you receive a tweet that says buy AMCO at $0.13. You decide to buy 10,000 shares of AMCO costing you $1,300. Next morning, you an receive a tweet alongwith an email message to sell AMCO at $0.40. You sell AMCO and make $3,700 in just 24 hours.

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You should watch this Online Stock Profits FREE presentation made by Patrick Adams where he explains his Twitter Stock Predictor algorithm that is hosted on his own servers. He says that he is not going to share the algorithm with you but you can subscribe to his Online Stock Profits Newsletter that will tell you when to buy and when to sell a specific penny stock. He claims that you could have turned $200 into $35K if you had traded his last 7 penny stock picks. You can also watch the FREE Case Study that shows how Patrick made $5K in 24 hours.

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