Investing With Volume Analysis-Why Volume Is Important In Penny Stock Trading?

Market volume is a crucial piece of information that many penny stock investors ignore often. When you do fundamental analysis of a stock, volume does not enter into the picture. But when you do technical analysis, volume is a crucial piece of the puzzle that many technicians under use. Volume can help you interpret the price action in a much better manner. Volume is very important when you trade penny stocks because the liquidity in this market can thin out pretty fast.

Volume And Prices Are Two Interlinked Pieces Of The Stock Market Puzzle

Volume can provide information about the price change before it actually happens plus it will also help in interpreting the price action. In fact volume and price are interlinked as both the price and the volume of sales in stocks are the products of the same market mechanism. So, if you will look at price without the volume or look at the volume without the price, you will be driving erroneous results.

Research has shown that volume is very important in stock analysis especially for the smaller capitalized overlooked penny stocks. As a penny stock trader, you need to employ volume analysis extensively when you do research about a particular stock. What is the best penny stock trading tool? Guess? It’s education and research. Good education is what will give you the cutting edge as a trader. Yes, as a penny stock trader, your goal should be to educate yourself on how the market works and how to identify the best stocks in the market. Now, volume analysis can help you identify trend shifts much earlier by taking a deep look inside trends!

Investing With Volume Analysis; Identify, Follow And Profit From Trends

Buff Pelz Dormeier is an award winning stock market analyst who has written the book Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends. This is a good book on how to do volume analysis in stock trading. In this book, you will learn why volume leads the price action and how you can use the volume analysis in uncovering the shifts in investor sentiment and discover the coming trend reversals before the crowd. Buff Pelz Dormeier will show you many volume indicators that includes traditional as well as non traditional. Dormeier will also show you how to analyze the supply and demand in the market with volume analysis plus integrate volume analysis with other portfolio analysis methods.