Global Trading Dispatch And Coaching Program By John Thomas!

John Thomas is a legendary hedge fund manager. John Thomas is also considered to be one of the founding fathers of the international hedge fund industry. You must watch this FREE Presentation- How to Trade Like A Winning Hedge Fund Manager-Strategies & Tactics made by John. This FREE presentation contains 100% actionable ideas. In this FREE presentation, John Thomas is revealing the trading strategies that he uses for his own hedge fund.


Now if you don’t know John, let me first introduce him to you. John has passed more than 40 years in the financial markets. He has even worked for famous hedge fund managers like George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones. Both George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones used to pay him for working as a consultant to their hedge funds. John Thomas also made $75 million in one month trading against George Soros. John worked for 10 years for Barton Biggs who is a multi billion hedge fund manager. Barton Biggs was also once Global Chief Strategist for the Morgan Stanley. During these 10 years, John got mentored by Barton Biggs. So now you must be wondering why you didn’t meet John before.

In this FREE Presentation-How To Trade Like A Winning Hedge Fund Manager, you are going to learn how John trades his own macro hedge fund. There are two options for you. Either you come up with a few million dollars to invest in a hedge fund and reap the return or you learn how to trade like a hedge fund manager with your own money. In his Global Trading Dispatch And Coaching Program, John is going to do precisely that. He is going to teach you how to trade like a winning hedge fund manager. The most important thing for a hedge fund manager is how to control risk. John calls it the risk switch.

You need to learn how to control this risk switch to maximize profits and minimize the risk. Forget about high frequency trading. Top hedge fund managers still depend on their wits and solid understanding of how the markets work to make money for their clients.