FlagTrader Private Traders Club OVI Indicator By Guy Cohen!

Meet the FlagTrader Guy Cohen and take a look at his Private Traders Club OVI Indicator. You might be knowing this fact that you can only make money in the stock market or for that matter any market only if you know where the smart money is flowing. This is precisely what the hedge funds and the other big dogs in the market do. They know where the smart money is flowing. They simply follow the trails of that smart money.

What makes this Private Traders Club OVI Indicator so special is that it gives you the capability to spy on the informed traders or market insiders and know what they are doing. The OVI Indicator has two values negative or positive. When it becomes positive for a certain stock, it means that insiders are pouring money into that stock and this is the time to buy that stock and when it goes negative, it means that the big banks and other institutional investors are selling it, so you should also sell it. This OVI Indicator helps you stay ahead of the crowd.

OVI Indicator

There are many tools that Guy Cohen will provide you when you join his Private Traders Club. Tools like the volume scanner or the reversal scanner and of course the ovi that tells you what the insiders are thinking about buying or selling a particular stock. To tell you the truth, OVI is a unique indicator that gives you a measure of the informed trading activity that is going on in the market. With its amazing predictive powers, this is a must have tool for any serious stock trader. Imagine knowing where the money is flowing in the market before the rest of the crowd.

One student of Guy Cohen was able to turn $10K into $140K in just 24 months following the market insiders with this OVI indicator. You need to watch this Private Traders Club video where Guy Cohen personally explains how powerful this indicator can be and how it gives you the power to spy on the big bank trades 100% legally.

Who is Guy Cohen The FlagTrader

Now, you might be wondering who is this person Guy Cohen. Guy Cohen started trading like all of us. In the beginning, he wasn’t successful but with lots of effort, hard work and determination he found certain chart patterns that always work in the stock market. After that he never looked back. Now, you too can follow him by joining his Private Traders Club and get complete access to his trading tools and market insights. You can try his Private Traders Club membership RISK FREE for 60 days and see yourself how powerful his OVI Indicator is!