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Dr. Thomas K. Carr aka “Dr. Stoxx” is the Chief Investment Strategist for the Street Authority. Dr. Stoxx is a full time trader, money manager, trading coach and trading systems developer. You can try Dr. Stoxx Options Letter FREE for 14 days.

Dr. Stoxx Options Letter

When you join Dr. Stoxx Options Letter, you get an email alert as well as text message everytime he enters into an options trade. He will also regularly keep you updated during the course of the trade on what is happening in the market and when he closes the trade, he will alert you and explain the reasons why he has decided to close the trade.

Dr. Stoxx uses a unique options trading strategy that uses the power of fundamental analyses combined with the technical and event-catalyst analyses to find those stocks that are poised to make dramatic short-term moves. When he finds those stocks, he buys options on those stocks to profit from the dramatic short-term moves outright. His strategy is designed to be low risk.