Daily Market Advantage Stocks & Options Technical Analysis By David Vallieres!

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Daily Market Advantage

Days of buy and hold are dead. If you are thinking about doing buy and hold then you are preparing yourself for a nasty shock. Markets are not trending like they used to trend some decades back. You see buy and hold worked when the market was in a long term secular trend like that which started in the early 1950s and continued till the end of 1980s. Investors would be told a rising tide raises all the boats. This is precisely what happens when there is a long term in the trend. But when there is no long term trend, you only get yourself chopped repeatedly by the market when it changes direction. Today markets are a lot more volatile than they used to be in the 1960s when Nicholas Darvas made more than $2 million.  The best way to profit from today’s market is to trade it’s volatility. When you trade volatility, you trade options. always avoid trading on the wrong side of the market. David Vallieres will show you how he trades stocks and options for a full time income when you join his Daily Market Advantage Program.