Course In Stock Trading By Dr. Scott Brown-Bullet Proof Investing Stocks

If you are looking for a good Course in Stock Trading, then you must go further no more. This Course in Stock Trading-Bullet Proof Investing Stocks is being given online by Dr. Scott Brown from the Trading University. This Course in Stock Trading i spanned over a period of 52 weeks and following is the syllabus:

Part A. Understanding Stocks, Basic Stock Options
Week 1 Introduction to Equities
Week 2 Introduction to Options
Week 3 Understanding Option Payoffs
Week 4 How the Option Markets are Quoted
Week 5 The Power of Put Call Parity
Week 6 Volatility and Option Profitability
Week 7 Stock Versus Options
Week 8 Time For A Review
Week 9 Using Option Calculators
Week 10 Mastering the Covered Call Part I
Week 11 Mastering the Covered Call Part II
Week 12 Discovering Your Bonanza In Long Calls and Puts
Week 13 Buying Stock at a Quarter or Less
Week 14 Introduction to Vertical Spreads
Week 15 Hedging Your Bets With Options
Week 16 Selling Stock Options
Week 17 Naked Put Selling
Week 18 Diagonal Spreads
Week 19 The Butterfly Spread
Week 20 The Iron Condor Spread
Week 21 Understanding Stock Option Brokerages
Week 22 Stock Option Resources
Week 23 A Brief History of Risk and Return
Week 24 Buying and Selling Securities
Week 25 Security Types
Week 26 Mutual Funds
Week 27 The Stock Market
Week 28 Common Stock Valuation
Week 29 Earnings and Cash Flow Analysis
Week 30 Stock Price Behavior and Market Efficiency
Week 31 Interest Rates
Week 32 Bond Prices and Yields
Week 33 Corporate Bonds
Week 34 Government Bonds
Week 35 Mortgage-Backed Securities
Week 36 Stock Options
Week 37 Option Valuation
Week 38 Futures Contracts
Week 39 Diversification & Asset Allocation
Week 40 Return, Risk, and the Security Market Line
Week 41 Performance Evaluation and Risk Management
Week 42 Four Basic Investor Mistakes
Week 43 Learn From the Millionaire Next Door
Week 44 Why You Can NEVER Trust Money Managers
Week 45 How Can All Investors Be Above Average?
Week 46 Stocks For The Long Run
Week 47 Buy Low and Sell High
Week 48 Six Important Factors
Week 49 A Core Passive Portfolio Revealed
Week 50 Why A Core Passive Portfolio Is So Important
Week 51 Core Passive Tax Reduction Strategies
Week 52 Core Passive ETF Portfolios

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Course in Stock Trading