Caribbean Investment Club By Dr. Scott Brown!

The Caribbean Investment Club is for those traders and investors who want to build significant wealth using a very small portion of their net worth and savings. Dr. Scott Brown runs the Caribbean Investment Club CIC Futures, Forex and Options Program. He is a finance professor and a veteran trader of two decades. His doctoral dissertation was sponsored by CBOT ( Chicago Board of Options Trade). He will be teaching the very same investing strategies that helped him balloon his own accounts to a sizable amount from small sums.

Let’s take an example of what you will be taught in the Caribbean Investment Club CIC Futures, Forex and Options Course.  Suppose, you think that silver is going to increase in price. Suppose silver is right now selling for $25 per ounce. So, you buy 5000 ounces of silver bullion at the going rate of $25 per ounce with a total investment of $125K. Now suppose, silver prices increase by $5 per ounce. You make a profit of $25K. But many people can’t invest $125K in the first place. So how to go about it?

Suppose, instead of buying the silver bullion, you purchase an option to buy NYMEX 5000 ounce futures contract for $10K. So instead of investing $125K, you only invested $10K but your profit will come out to be the same if silver price increase by $5 per ounce. You made a gain of 250%. Incase, silver price had gone down by $5 per ounce, if you had invested $125K, your investment would have gone down by $25K to $100K. But in case of buying a call option, you only lose $10K. However, you can increase the odds of winning in your favor by using both fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis.

Let’s take another example. Remember corn prices exploded in 2006. A corn futures contract is also known as a Car in futures trading lingo. There are 5,000 bushels of corn in a car. So this is what some savvy traders did. They pillared 6 corn contracts with the same number of protective options into 18 cars. After almost one year, corn price exploded and increased by $4. $0.01 increase in futures market translates into $50 profit in your trading account. So, the total profit made was $336.753K. Using Doc Brown’s CIC Futures System, you would have put $12K in your margin account. But you would have not risked more than $5K or $833.33 per contract.

CIC Futures, Forex, Options Risk Controlled Leverage Strategies

What is the secret behind Caribbean Investment Club CIC Futures, Forex, Options Program huge success? Doc Brown has developed strategies for leveraging and controlling risk so when you win you win big and when you lose very little. This is how the mega wealthy multiply their wealth. Doc Brown in this CIC Futures, Forex, Options Course will share all those secrets withheld from the public that give the mega wealthy the edge when it comes to trading, investing and multiplying wealth. CIC Futures, Forex, Options will take those leveraged trading strategies out of the board room and put them on your finger tips. Now, there are three different memberships for the Caribbean Investment Club, CIC Futures, CIC Forex and CIC Stocks. You can try anyone of these three CIC memberships RISK FREE. For example, if you trade stocks, you can try CIC Stocks Membership RISK FREE for a monthly cost of $49.95 for 60 days!