BioRunUp Biotech Breakout Trader Mark Messier-Profiting From Greedy Reckless Investors!

BioRunUp Biotech Breakout Trader Mark Messier is a classic example of how reckless, gullible and greedy investors can make you rich. This is precisely what Mark Messier, a former crime analyst with no investment background has been doing for the last two and a half years. Mark Messier using his Bio Run Up Strategies turned his meager savings of $7,480 into $289,635. You need to watch this BioRunUp Biotech Breakout Trader Video where Mark explains how he has been profiting from the greedy and reckless investors. You must always keep this mind that many investors invest in stocks mostly for stupid reasons. Stupid in the sense, they don’t do their own independent research, they just buy and sell stocks mostly on rumors, hype created in the media about that stock or plain wishful thinking. Most of the stocks that get hyped in the media are already oversold when you come to know about them, so investing in them is not a good idea but still many novice investors love to do it. Now, there is a way to profit from these silly and stupid mistakes made by many investors and that is precisely what Mark Messier has been doing for the last two and a half years.

Investing In The Small Cap Biotech Sector With The BIORUNUP Biotech Breakout Trader Mark Messier

Mark Messier only invests in the Small Cap Biotech Stocks. His Bio Run Up Strategies are designed to profit from those reckless and greedy investors who are investing based only on rumors, hype or their wishful hopes. These are some Bio Run Up facts:

–>He started with just $7,480 in 2009, and with a total return of 12,687.42% today his portfolio is worth $289,635.

–>The sector he uses to make all this money over the last 2.5 years is the “small cap biotech sector”.

–>These companies work on medical and technological breakthroughs that are changing lives. For example, he has looked at companies with technologies designed to regrow amputated limbs, restore sight to the blind, let the paralyzed walk again, to make cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes extinct..etc..etc.

–>The difference between Mark Messier, and most investors looking at these companies??? Far too many investors get caught up in all the excitement surrounding a particular stock and its technology, and they wind up investing in a good story rather than a good stock.. NOT smart- Mark analyzes the cold hard facts and statistics.

–>His approach never EVER counts on FDA approval- In his formula it actually does not make a difference!

–>Lastly, he never goes for the big score. It is just too risky….and this approach helped him turn $7,480 into $289,635 in 2.5 years.

Whatever investing in the small cap biotech sector stocks is exciting and you can learn a lot from Mark Messier by watching the video that he had made in which he explains how many investors go for the hype surrounding a particular penny stock while he goes for a safe investment with a low risk. This BioRunUp Video reveals how you can do it too!

How To Pick Biotech Breakouts For Fast Double And Triple Digit Gains?

In the second Biotech Breakout Trader Cold-Blooded Investors FREE Presentation Mark Messier explains how he picks biotech small cap stocks on the verge of making a breakout for fast double and even triple digit gains. After you watch this Biotech Breakout Trader Presentation, don’t forget to download a valuable Investors Excel spreadsheet you can use immediately to begin pinpointing profitable biotechs using Marks’ formula. Check out the Biotech Breakout Trader Cold Blooded Investors Guide just now!

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  • mike

    October 27, 2011

    Great read and very helpful. I am new to the penny stock market and looking to invest in a new emerging company like FRCN. Would anyone provide me with their thoughts pertaining to this company? Maybe take a look at their chart and recent news etc… to help me make a better evaluation of this company?