Billionaire Investors Reveal Their Stock Picks For Q1

As a big investor, you are supposed to file your stocks holding each quater with the SEC. According to a recent Yahoo Finance article, Warren Buffet’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway increased it’s stakes in Wal-Mart by 17%. Warren Buffet also added 11 million shares of Verizon. On the other hand, Soros Fund Management dumped it’s big bank stocks that included Citigroup, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. Warren Buffet also reduced his stakes in other stocks.

Do you need to follow what these big investors are doing? It is always a good thing to know what is happening in the markets before you take the plunge. The big players always have the potential to move the market. So if you are following the big players in the market you have some sense where the big money is moving in the market. Warren Buffet is a meticulous planner. He does not buy/sell stocks on the fly. He first does his research and then he waits for the opportune time to buy/sell.