Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers, Traders And Investors

Today there are more than 40 men who have made a fortune as hedge fund managers. Hedge fund managers are basically traders and investors who basically time the market to make high risk high return investments. If they win they make big time and if they lose they lose big time as well. Take the case of Long Term Capital Management that went belly up on taking multiple positions with high leverage and could have downed the financial system as well if the regulators had not stepped in quickly.

The world’s billionaires club now includes 40 men who have earned a significant part of their wealth from managing hedge funds. These hedge fund billionaires have profited by making big trades in financial markets and charging their investors high fees.

Top of the list is of course is Warren Buffet with a net worth of $50 Billion. Then comes Karl Icahn. His networth is in excess of $20 Billion. George Soros is the next billionaire hedge fund manager and trader with a net worth of $19.2 Billion. Ray Dalio comes with a net worth is $12.5 Billion.

Warren Buffett was born in 1930 and became a child of the Great Depression. Today he’s worth in excess of $50 billion.

George Soros was born the same year, and became a child of the Great Depression, the Holocaust and WWII. According to, he’s worth over $19 billion.

Carl Icahn was born in 1936. He was once so broke he had to sell his car to feed himself. says he’s worth around $20 billion today.

All started with nothing. All wound up billionaires. All did it by investing….

This is pretty interesting. Not a single one of them was born rich. All of them started with nothing. But over the years they developed pretty interesting investing and trading strategies that made them the fortune. You can watch a short documentary on Karl Ichan.