100 Trade Jack-Learn How To Swing Trade Stocks Profitably

100 Trade Jack is a way for you to make money in the stock market as well as learn how to swing trade stocks. You might be wondering who is this Jack and what does this 100 means. Jack has a stock trading experience of 25 years. He is the general partner of Colorado Fund LP. Colorado Fund LP is a hedge fund that seeks to make aggressive returns for its members. Jack has been trading for this private equity fund since 2004. Jack is also the president of the Colorado Fund Management Inc. This is a registered investment advisory firm. Jack is also a Financial Consultant for Ernst & Young, New York, NY. 100 means Jack will be trying to make a 100% return annually. Whatever, Jack gives you 60 days no questions money back guarantee period to try his 100 Trade Jack membership.

100 Trade Jack Membership

So if you want you can watch Jack make live trades through the members area. At the end of the day, Jack will post a video that will explain everything about that trade like why he decided to make that trade, how he is going to manage the risk, how much profit he is expecting to make, how long the trade will last and more. Remember, these will not be recommendations but actual real money trades that Jack will be making his own money.

Now, if you are new to stock trading, watching how Jack makes trades can be a good stock trading training for you. You don’t need to trade your own money. And if you have some experience trading stocks, you can also buy when Jack buys and sell when Jack sells while following his trades and make money. This way you are controlling your own money and you are not investing money with him. Following his trades will take around 5-10 minutes daily. Many days, Jack will not trade at all, so you can relax. Jack will be posting a 10 minute long video daily explaining his thoughts on the market for the day.

When you trade with Jack, you can choose your own risk tolerance level. You might be wondering what if Jack makes a mistake? Even pro traders tend to make mistakes. In the march of 2009 when a major rally in the stock market started, Jack could not decide when to enter so he waited on the sidelines for 30 days. His timings were wrong. As a consequence he missed out a major part of the rally. But he still ended the year 2009 with a gain of 161%. In the 100 Trade Jack Members area, you will also find short training videos like how to open a brokerage account, how to place orders, chart patters, candlestick patterns, how to trade an IRA plus much more. So if you get interested, you can take a RISK FREE trial for 60 days with 100 Trade Jack