10 Chinese Stocks To Own Now

These are 10 of the best Chinese Stocks to own now. These 10 Chinese Stocks get traded as American Depository Shares (ADR) in NY so you should have no problem trading them. China was referred to as the growth engine of the world for years and years. Now, GDP growth of 5% or 6% is deemed too low to sustain its own ambitions. There are still long-term concerns about China’s debt and bank loans, as well as the notion that the nation was overdeveloped and has many business districts and high-rise living buildings that were built out but have virtually no occupants.

For these stocks to continue performing well, the outlook is not based on a raging bull market. It is simply based on a stable to moderately higher stock market in 2014. Each company has its own merits, and of course each company has its own risks. Most of the stocks also have stock options that trade and can be used to limit downside risk, or for call option buyers who would rather look at options rather than the full price of shares.