1 Option Profit Trade Timing Signals From Michael Dylan Generated 336% Profit In Less Than 1 Month!

Michael Dylan says that his 1 Option Profit Trade Timing Signals plus his money management formula can be the fastest and easiest way to $1 million profit. Michael Dylan claims that his option signal service is built with simplicity in mind. According to him, his timing service is perfect for those people who work 9 to 5. You don’t any experience whatsoever according to him to trade his signals. There is an option of an Auto Trade Service available as well that will enter the signals on your behalf. You don’t need a big capital to start trading his signals. You can start with only $200 to $1000.  1 Options Profit

The tool that Michael Dylan uses to make high returns is the SPY Options. According to him SPY Options are better than penny stocks and binary options and when you trade SPY Options, you don’t need to become a day trader. When you trade binary options, you can make 70% return you can also lose 100% of your investment. But when you trade SPY Options, a small price movement can earn you a profit of 300%. When you trade binary options, price can go above the strike price and then return below once again before expiration meaning you lose. But when you trade SPY Options, any time the profit target is reached you cash in unlike binary options where you have to wait for expiry.

SPY Options are also better than penny stocks. When you trade penny stocks, bid ask spread can be 50% unlike most high volume stocks where the bid ask spread is insignificant. Unlike penny stocks which can be illiquid, SPY Options are one of the most highly liquid and high volume instrument. 1 Option ProfitTrading SPY Options are better than day trading. You don’t need to constantly watch the markets when trading SPY Options.Michael Dylan gives his 4 step formula that can make 1,351% compound annual returns. His 4 step formula is below:

1. If you want to make a huge sum of money, you need to use high leverage on low risk trades.

2. You should know how to create super leverage. One method to create super leverage is to buy options near their expiration. Use the following formula when creating super leverage:

Options Near Expiration Date+Precise Timing=Super Leverage Plus Profit.

3. Use the above formula to compound the profits

4. The fourth step is very important. You should make money and not lose money.

So the tool that Michael Dylan uses to implement his above 4 step formula is the SPY Options. As you can see in the above formula timing is of essence when trading options near expiration to create super leverage and massive profits. Michael Dylan is willing to let you test his Trade Timing Service RISK FREE for 60 days. Just paper trade his timing signals for two months and check how good his recommendations are and what is your return. Incase of an unsatisfactory performance simply ask for a refund.